Patricia Kane

I love the process of painting – the marks, the colours, shapes, juxtapositions, the paint itself – how you can have an idea yet the final work is still a surprise – never quite what you expect.
I enjoy and am inspired by many modern artists. William Scott’s marvellous kitchen still lives, Rosemary Vanns with her wonderful colourful renditions of fruits, flowers and vessels. I also love the amazing colours and techniques employed by Barbara Rae and exciting landscapes of Joan Eardley. These are but a few of my artistic heroes and every day I find more artists on line whose work I admire.

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Still Life with Lemons — Acrylic 60 cm x 60 cm, Unframed — £425 (50% donation to Macmillan)

Up Gairloch Way — Acrylic 56 cm x 46 cm, Unframed — £340 (50% donation to Macmillan)

Safe Place — Acrylic 50 cm x 50 cm, Unframed — £300 (50% donation to Macmillan)