Marion Barron

The inspiration for my work is my interest in buildings and architecture, especially mid-20th Century design and the aesthetic of Brutalist architecture. I like the geometry and symmetry, the purity of form and materials of Brutalist buildings. I find that they’re far from being just functional, utilitarian, grey and made of concrete. I want, also, to reflect the different textures, colours, materials and the occasional decorative features found in these buildings.
When I left school, I studied English Literature and then trained as a Careers Adviser, all the while maintaining my interest in art. Ten years ago I got the chance to take voluntary redundancy from my job and eventually fulfilled a lifelong ambition by taking an Art Degree as a mature student.
I studied Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art/Edinburgh University, graduating with an Honours Degree in 2015.

Facebook and Instagram @artistmarion

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Double Blue — Oil On Linen 100 cm x 100 cm, Unframed — £950 (50% donation to Macmillan)

Hinge — Oil On Linen 60 cm x 60 cm, Unframed — £495 (50% donation to Macmillan)

Strut — Oil On Canvas 60 cm x 60 cm, Unframed — £490 (50% donation to Macmillan)