Komachi Goto

I am a Japanese artist working and living in Edinburgh. I couldn’t speak English at the beginning, and drawing and paintings became my language to communicate.
With my odd pronunciation, I still rely on ‘signal’ the body language, trying to catch hints and clues between the words.
The ‘reading between the line’ was essential to me to build a relationship in a new environment.
And I become an observer. Although I do speak out now, I now widen my observing skill to not only to human society but with pets, wildlife and plants.
I find there are signals in every creature if I observed long enough. I collect those moments that I noticed and capture them in my mind; then I try to release them into my sketchbook, canvas, or anything I can find to scribble them on. And if my drawing is not good enough to read, I will draw again until I succeed. From which I will work and develop them into often series of paintings.


@komachigoto (Instagram and Facebook)

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cat life — Oil On Canvas Board 25 cm x 30 cm, Unframed — £300 (50% donation to Macmillan)

cling — Oil On Linen Canvas Board 18 cm x 24 cm, Unframed — £200 (50% donation to Macmillan)

lockdown week 2 — Oil On Canvas Board 15 cm x 20 cm, Framed — £250 (50% donation to Macmillan)