Kirsty Lorenz

I am a Scottish artist inspired by nature, particularly flowers and plants, which have been a central subject in my work since 2003. Wild flowers and Physic gardens are where I find much of my inspiration. Painting and drawing are at the heart of my practice, though I have also included film, sound, textiles and text in artworks. I want to do more than simply record the beauty of nature, and by combining accuracy of detail with poetic representation and a conceptual background I aim to explore deeper themes.
I currently have two key strands of work:
‘Plants, Medicine and Magic’ portraying plants and flowers with herbalist healing properties, referenced in ancient and modern times. These compositions aim to capture some of the mystery and magic of their healing properties.
‘Votive Offerings’ an ongoing series of portrayals of wild flower posies I have made and left around Scotland, and further afield.
I studied Art and Art History at Goldsmiths College, London, 1989-92

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Votive Offering No.91 – Dog Roses after Mary DElany — Oil On Linen, On Deep Edged Box Frame 40 cm x 50 cm, Unframed — £1995 (60% donation to Macmillan)

Votive Offering No 53 – Ivy and Rosehip — Oil On Linen, Pinned In Glazed White Box Frame 30 cm x 50 cm, Framed — £995 (50% donation to Macmillan)

Votive Offering No.44 – Purple Vetch — Watercolour And Acrylic On Paper 27 cm x 30 cm, Unframed — £375 (50% donation to Macmillan)