Katie Hallam

Having taught Art in Secondary Education for the past six years, I took this year to study an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art to develop my portfolio and pursue a career creating and exhibiting work. My practice began creating work with new media technologies through the construction and deconstruction of digital imagery, coding and unintentional errors that occur in our technological experiences. I question the shape and form of digital culture and how this could be represented when it’s forced to slow down. I create work that goes against a logical order, that interprets the moments a ‘pure’ digital system can stretch, navigate and reveal its nonsense within a physical space even away from switched off devices. Currently, I am exploring the idea of the legacy our digital culture will leave on the earth fossilised millions of years in the future and through combinations of experimentation I create hybrid geological sculptures and digital materiality.



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Techno-fossil — Digital Photograph 40 cm x 71 cm, Unframed, Print — £200 (50% donation to Macmillan)