Jan Macbeth

I work in watercolour, sometimes mixed media choosing subjects from nature ~ animals, flowers, as well as figurative compositions. When creating floral paintings I try to achieve complexity, not detail ~ but that which makes you study, not merely glimpse, to see at close quarters beauty and movement, aiming to produce a joy of nature for sharing.
Selecting my subject matter is simple ~ it’s what moves me ~ the transparent colour of petals merging into background, and how the exquisite quality of watercolour attempts to replicate nature’s beauty, and connects to fleeting childhood memories ~ of being laden with arms full of bluebells, making daisy chains and scent to dab behind the ear, of rose, lavender, jasmine.
In 2011 I became an Elected Artist Member of Glasgow Society of Women Artists, and was awarded the Barclay Lennie Award in 2015. I run Watercolour Classes and Summer School workshops in various locations. My studio in Moffat is open to visitors by appointment.


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HEDGEROW POPPIES — Watercolour 22 cm x 22 cm, Unframed — £300 (50% donation to Macmillan)

PONDLIFE — Watercolour 25 cm x 32 cm, Unframed — £300 (50% donation to Macmillan)

PURPLE FUCHSIAS — Watercolour 25 cm x 25 cm, Unframed — £300 (50% donation to Macmillan)