Agata Wojtkowska

I am an amateur photographer based in Edinburgh. I was born blind in my left eye and I was once told by doctors I would not be able to see depth in the same way as others do – if I could ‘see’ depth at all! Photography came to my life as a constructive and liberating response to this limiting view on ‘seeing’. I am interested in patterns, composition and textures which through subtle variations in light and tone reveal a depth that is tangible and meaningful. For me, photography is a very intuitive experience where I can immerse myself in the raw atmosphere of a landscape. I can become the decisive moment myself – being at the right place at the right time, being and observing . I strongly believe photography can re-connect us or bring us closer to the power and potential of mindful observation. Immersed in the framed world of millions of images, heads down at screens, scrolling fast, there is a danger that we forget how to look – what lies beyond that frame, that composition?

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Johnston Gardens — Digital Photography 32 cm x 44 cm, Framed — £70 (50% donation to Macmillan)