There is a richness in the Imagination that no matter how curious and unforeseen its form, I completely love its very essence. It is this essence that my heart is drawn toward – creativity is its expression. For quite some time in our modern world, Imagination has been pushed into the background, its qualities and its wisdom has been overlooked. It is my hope that the words and pictures to be found in The Old Burrow might help people to rediscover the delights of the Imaginal realm and its gifts. That you might let yourself be fascinated and enchanted by the unexplained and unreasoned. It is in my opinion the very definition of magic. As an Artist I have been creating portals to this other realm for over 15 years. I have exhibited and sold in many places through out the U.K. and artwork has been taken to new homes in the U.K., Europe and Australia. The blog has visitors from across the globe. I am currently weaving together writing and images that explore the Imagination and its gifts.