TAYLOR, Christine

My background is in design & for the most of my life I have worked in the commercial glazing industry.
An early influence on my art was my technical drawing education which was based on pencil drawing skills.
I have always painted in my mind even when work restraints have not permitted me to put brush to canvas &never more so than during my times working as a sales rep., traverling Scotland’s ever changing landscapes brought to life by the seasons light. It taught me to take mental notes on colour, movement & composition etc.
A year spent doing paint effects & murals for a living taught me how to control oil paint on a large scale & to manage glazes as well as how to organise my painting for speed.
Now that I am painting full time my concentrated effort is towards perfecting the mechanics of applying paint to create dynamic atmospheric landscapes painted on site.
Some of my contemporary influences are Jim McVickers, Kathleen Dunphy, Daisy Sims-Hilditch & Roos Schuring.