An Illustrator and Printmaker, my work has been heavily influenced by my background in Digital Design. I find myself driven by the desire to create a piece of work that is graphically as well as visually pleasing.Having been introduced to printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art, it has remained my medium of choice.The silkscreen process in particular lends itself well to strong visual design whilst enabling me to transfer these designs across a variety of applications.

Often described as �nostalgic�, my work is influenced by patterns and typography within my environment and found objects. Embracing the past, thrown away and pre-loved it seeks to create something fresh and contemporary. Engaging with the viewer, I hope to challenge their perception of these objects they take for granted and instil in them their own sense of nostalgia through memories of their own past.It is this sentimentality and fondness for the past that has influenced my work and my life as an artist.