SMITH, Susan

I draw my inspiration from nature. My practice is to always carry a sketch book, to draw, paint, from trains, as a non driver, and to work in the outdoors . I also take reference photographs. Some work will be finished,others I take back to the studio to work on for a larger oil painting or for a lino print.I have a book press at home, and am also a member of Fife Dunfermline Print Workshop.
My oil paintings are multi layered. I will have often have 6 layers of paint, gradually building up imagery and colours. I tend to work on 4 paintings at a time, allowing for varied drying times.
I am a Fine Artist trained at Edinburgh College of Art.I was lucky to train under Robin Philipson, Bob Callendar, David Michie, Dai Evans. I also had a mother who was an artist, and being brought up in the countryside on a farm ,had lots of opportunities to study nature..