I studied fine art in high school in Iceland for four years and then continued down that path but focusing more on photography and new media in the Accademia Italiana University in Florence, Italy.
For the past few years I have mainly been working from my pain, difficulties and realizations and clarity on those subjects. Having had to deal with depression and anorexia for many years but on my way to be better, my work is very much a mirror image and explorations of those feelings, memories, and everything that comes with it. The deconstruction in my images is the broken part, but piecing it back together to make a new whole is what I want to achieve, but also not hiding it. Putting it out there for everyone to see, be vulnerable, because it’s a part of me and what I create I feel needs to be a 100% me. I believe that my works speaks to humanity in very broad ways but at the same time detail aspects of it – that are forces of change.