I am a Glasgow based Acrylic artist known for painting atmospheric abstract skies, sometimes incorporating silhouette figures into my work by desire, or as a commission request.
My work has been described as ethereal and emotive, and I hope that it touches the senses.
I am primarily influenced by the strength and impact colour has and the effects of its interactions on canvas. Often creating impulsively and reacting to something I’ve seen in photographs or on tv, as much as experience and sense of place. I love how the language of colour translates to different people in different ways.
In the main part I’m self-taught, accepted for Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art in the 1980s, I chose the direction of working with large legal firms instead.
When made redundant in 2009 I took up my painting again as a hobby, when I attended part time courses at Glasgow School of Art, Strathclyde University, House for An Art Lover also regularly attending professional artist lead workshops.