I recently returned to Edinburgh where I was born having lived in the Scottish Borders for the last thirty years.
I began painting in my early forties when I started a painting course at Leith School of Art. Over the next four years I continued at Leith where I developed my practice, experimenting and working with a variety of mediums and subject matters. I then joined the Paintbox Art School in Cockenzie where I remained until this year.
I paint both landscape and still life although more recently have concentrated on the latter. I try and capture “a point in time” in my paintings, using expressive brush marks and oils to create an immediacy. I often use flowers in season picked from my garden and taken directly to a set-up, seizing the moment both in terms of the bloom and the light. Glass in the form of bottles or jars provides a reflective element to the composition. It also provides an extra interest in the way it distorts the subject matter in terms of shape, colour and shadow.