I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art with a BA Hons degree and completed a year of post graduate study. After living and working overseas for 12 years I returned to the west coast of Scotland in 1998 and painted from my studio. Now living and working in East Lothian, I paint from my studio working on both figurative projects and images inspired by the landscape. My interest is in making acrylic and mixed media images in response to weather and elements. Making repeated journeys, I note the small changes brought to a familiar scene. Using my own poetry, writing, and sketches, I apply pattern and texture in layers. I use found objects and personal scraps linking part of my own story to the picture, in the same way that stories and songs are handed on through generations. I use paint peeled from yesterdays palette to prepare the next support, so that each painting is connected to the painting after, continuing the journey.