I draw my inspiration from the greats of French Impressionism .

It’s little wonder that having decided to become a painter full time 10 yrs ago, I followed in their footsteps throughout the South of France .

On the road in my old Campervan, painting Plein Air was the forerunner to the style I am now known for .

Capturing the golden moments of light and shadow during everyday life are my passion .

I’ve returned again and again on Field trips to France along with field trips to the Italian Riviera, Tuscany and the Greek Islands .

Here at home, lessons learned on my early Plein Air trips abroad are also playing a part in cityscape work throughout the UK .

At home in Lanark or my base in the Languedoc I like to work in short intense time frames on 10- 20 pieces simultaneously.

This helps in my goal to always retain a loose impressionist Plein air style in my work .