My artworks have a distinct feeling of calm & fluidity which I create through a process of moving meandering colour through deep layers of acrylic.

I am interested in how colours move, merge, reflect & interact above & below water.

My paintings depict a moment in time, capturing water�s surface & texture & in some cases, figures within.

I’ve always had an interest in being near water; be it precious memories of hiking up to Highland waterfalls as a child, camping beside Scotland’s finest lochs & rivers or scuba diving in the ocean.

I’m always looking into new ways of making colour interact & react against one another. Layering colour comes from instinct but i often find myself reacting to what is appearing on the canvas & make adjustments along the way.

I currently work from my studio in Edinburgh.

After graduated in 2003 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art & Psychology,I went on to study a PGDE at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow & teach Art & Design in Edinburgh.