FURNISS, Corinne

I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in Caithness; now living in Stirling. I work with ink, acrylic and watercolour paints to create drawings and paintings inspired by Scotland’s rich natural world. I am particularly inspired by our mountains and coastlines, both of which feature in my work often. In my ink drawings I like to juxtapose geometric lines with natural shapes and textures. My acrylic paintings tend to be more expressive � I paint seas and skies with palette knives to create texture and movement in my landscapes. My watercolour paintings are studies of plants and animals native to Scotland, most are based on plants and animals I see while hiking. I have always had an intimate connection to Scotland�s natural world and find most of my inspiration to create in attempting to capture the calm state of mind that being in nature affords. An important tenet of my artwork is to encourage people to protect, preserve and enjoy Scotland�s vast natural spaces and species.