COWAN, Alison

my work I constantly endeavour to reflect our glorious natural
environment�s evolving seasonal changes and sunlight. I try to capture a
sense of depth and atmosphere by using very thick vibrant paint,
contrasting colours, light and shade. I paint a range of subjects in an
impasto, semi-abstract style and rarely use brushes. My preferred choice
is palette knives to apply thickened paint in stages, building up
structure and texture over a period of time. My
passion for painting trees continues, they hold such a fascination for
me, there�s just something about them that draws me to paint them. Their
shapes, textures and colours can be magnificent, magical and spiritual.
I love the way their branches weave and intertwine and how their
colours and shapes can change throughout the year. I continue to be
captivated by their gorgeous, rich, jewel like, spectrum of colours as
I strive to capture the mystery and magic of woodland places.