Curator’s Welcome

Now in its 17th year and with an unprecedented number of applications, the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show 2019 has evolved to encompass the breadth and skill of both emerging and established artists in Scotland.

We would like to welcome you to the 2019 show for its first year at the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel.

The curatorial process allowed us to select works which resonate with the times and environment in which we live. From landscape to cityscape, from flora to fauna, from characters to buildings, and everything in-between, the show displays a distinct curiosity for the role of the artist in providing a narrative that binds us to the present.

The Macmillan Art Show has consistently provided a platform for artists to display their works in established venues and we are grateful to the Apex for supporting the art show.

As visitors, we hope you find moments of contemplation and delight in each of the works and we encourage you to support the creative individuals who have created the exhibition.

This year…

Over the years the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show has continued to develop both as an exhibition and as an event for artists. The show continually adapts to different venues and audiences and introduces exciting new talent alongside long-standing and contemporary contributors.

The breadth of submissions for this years’ show presents our visitors with a range of subject matter, styles and perspectives. There is marked commitment to the study of landscape, a constant in this fluid political climate and a reminder of the abundant source of colour and composition that nature affords to artists.

We are delighted to show the works, for the first time, of Calum McClure. His lyrical explorations of the environment are celebrated at the likes of The Scottish Gallery. These enrage with contemporary ideas at the forefront of Scottish painting. A poetic strand through landscape and imagination are also threaded through the works of Cathy van Hoppe who explores the potential of imaginal realms. Her studies have travelled across Europe and Australia from her studio in Dumfries. We are equally thrilled to present work from our regular exhibitors including Maria Cid-Castilla, Alison Cowan and Gregory Moore whose work is greatly admired by our visitors year on year.

We are grateful for your support in our first year at the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel. Also, for the first year, the show will be continued as an online sale whilst our exhibition is closed.  You can also sign up for our newsletter on the website to hear more about this year and future shows. Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also sign up for our newsletter to hear more about this year and future shows.